Charles Peachock-Juggler
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Charles Peachock Bio:
Who is Charles Peachock?

Looking for something different?

Making an event memorable means booking an act that stands out. Creativity, rock-solid-skills, clean comedy, and high production make for an unbeatable hard hitting combination.

Plays BIG and packs small

Imagine a glowing man coming to life with pulsing juggling props perfectly synced to music, playing a piano by bouncing 5 balls off the keys, a pre-show video of America’s Got Talent footage that ramps up your audience.

Congratulations! You have just found the solution for your corporate entertainment needs. Quickly and deeply connecting with any hard-to-please audience is just another layer of the full-package delivered by this respected and innovative artist.

From stages of America’s Got Talent where he went further than any Juggler in the show’s history, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Go Big Show, and the pages of People Magazine, straight to your event. It’s time to turn up the heat and energize your group with this one-of-a-kind comedy and visual spectacle!

Charles appeared on the #1 show a record 6 times because no one, from the home viewers to network big wigs, could get enough of his high energy performances.

What if you had an entertainer who cared as much about the big picture as you do? An artist that has the creativity, passion, and industry experience to make your program come alive with so much energy and laughter that it brings your group to their feet every time! We work hand in hand with you to co-create a live entertainment experience that fits your audience, message, and event goal.