Magician Adam Wilber-As seen on Penn & Tellers “Fool Us”-He fooled them and received the Trophy
*Important NOTE Below*

*While a handful of magicians have fooled Penn & Teller, Adam’s performance is the second most viewed clip in the history of the show with over 16 million views on YouTube for good reason, He incorporates his background in public speaking with innovative magic that not only fools but genuinely entertains and engages his audiences. 

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You may have seen Adam fool Penn & Teller on their hit show Fool Us. You can bring that same passion, professionalism, and performance to your event! Professionally executed magic tricks add a unique energy to the atmosphere while bringing people together for a more memorable experience. Don’t just fill time – Instead, capitalize on it with magic that entertains, excites, and inspires.

World-famous master magician Adam Wilber is recognized as one of the most creative minds in magic. With over 20 years of performing experience Adam brings cutting edge illusions and world class sleight of hand to your gathering, guaranteeing an event that is fun, engaging, memorable and most importantly meaningful.