Tim Loulies
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Video Demo-Presidents & Jedi
Video Demo-Bill Collecting
Video Demo-Sleep Apnea
Tim Loulies (aka the Big 44) has an up-beat style of comedy has entertained audiences from all walks of life. Tim’s unapologetic observations, mis-directed jokes and imposing stage presence has been felt from coast to coast. A native of Portsmouth Va, Tim started his comedy career performing anywhere that would let him tell jokes. Sometimes in places most comics would never dream of performing. Whether Tim’s in a comedy club, biker bar, funeral wake, or even a nudist colony (that really happened), Tim always brings what it takes to make the audience laugh.

“The Big 44” has performed at such legendary venues the Apollo Theater in Harlem, Hollywood Improv & the Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, has been heard on Sirius XM Radio, and was featured as the head instructor on the PBS Documentary “Comedy Boot Camp.”  He’s also worked with 4 cast members of Saturday Night Live, 4 WWE Hall of Famers, in addition to such names in the world of stand up as Tony Rock, Guy Torry, John Witherspoon and Bruce Bruce.