Comedian Loose Cannon
Comedian Loose Cannon’s Clean Comedy Set. The name of the set is called Loose Bullet
Comedian Loose Cannon 30 minute comedy set called Dirty Clean
Comedian Loose Cannon Battle of the Sexes
Headliner for the Tom Joyner Fantastic Cruise November 6-14, 2021 on the Carnival Freedom.
Click her to watch Loose Cannon in action.
Comedian Loose Cannon is a stand-up comic from Sanford, Florida. Loose Cannon has been an entertainer for many years. He started out as a songwriter who wrote and performed his own original material. Guests enjoy his multi-punchline shock value style of comedy. When telling his jokes, Comedian Loose Cannon maintains a clean performance. He is capable of telling jokes without profanity, while walking a thin line of shock value without insulting an audience.