Comedian Kirk Smith-Based out of New York

Kirk Smith is a comedian/actor/writer.  He has performed in over 100 different venues on five continents. He’s passed at most comedy clubs in NYC and LA, performed at multiple festivals in Australia and 4 years straight at the Edinburgh Fringe. Author of the best seller, “Rice Krispies with Ketchup”, co-anchor Autistic a podcast ranked on Apple Podcasts . Overall good dude.

Kirk Smith is a comedian who speaks from the heart about his experiences raising his autistic son. He focuses on the challenges and the lessons his family has learned, which are equally heartbreaking, uplifting and of course, hilarious. Kirk provides astute and timely advice that every family, no matter what specific challenges they face, needs to hear. Through laughter and tears Kirk finds a way to come to peace with his son”s limitations, motivates his readers to live life fully and provides what families in similar situations need–HOPE.

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