Comedian Kenny Garcia
Kenny Garcia Performing at Gotham Comedy Live

Kenny Garcia Bio:

Growing up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan when it was still considered a tough place to live, Kenny used humor to navigate his way through childhood. With his first prank call to his mom’s office at 7 years old pretending to be her important boyfriend she didn’t have, to teaching his daughter the importance of laughter, Kenny has been making those close to him laugh for years. A natural storyteller, he will take you on a fun ride with stories of raising a little girl and some of life’s unimportant things we still find very important with a bit of exaggerated truth to it!

In October 2015, Kenny won a contest at Gotham Comedy Club in NYC against hundreds of comedians that enabled him to appear on the 2016 season of Gotham Comedy Live on AXS TV. Kenny has also had several appearances on Laughs on Fox. 

A mainstay in the NYC comedy scene since he started his career 8 years ago, Kenny has been asked to perform at clubs and theaters across the country, Canada and London opening for the likes of Whitney Cummings, Drew Lynch, Theo Von, Dan Levy, George Wallace, Jon Rudnitsky, April Macie, Godfrey, Chris Porter, Joey Vega, Ralph Harris,Aries Spiers and Angelo Lozada among others.

2015 was a big year for Kenny. In addition to winning the contest at Gotham, he was a finalist at the Burbank Comedy Festival in Los Angeles and was a finalist for NBC’s Stand Up for Diversity competition in Dallas.

Between 2017 and 2018 Kenny produced his own national tour across 36 states to the tune of over 8,000 tickets sold.

In 2019 he started performing on the Norwegian Cruise Line and was ranked as one of their highest rated performers.

2020 was a rough year for obvious reasons but Kenny survived by producing corporate Zoom shows and starting a podcast with his wife Leah called Side by Side.

Theater Performances
Union County Performing Arts Center, Bay St Theater, Triad Theater, The Palace Theatre, The Shubert Theatre, The Rio Theater

TV Appearances
Laughs on Fox 2/19/16
Laughs on Fox 2/20/16
Laughs on Fox 4/22/16
Laughs on Fox 4/23/16
Laughs on Fox 4/30/16
Laughs on Fox 5/1/16
Laughs on Fox 6/25/16
Laughs on Fox 6/26/16
Gotham Comedy Live on AXS TV 6/9/16
Hulu Coming to the Stage 9/1/18

Comedy Club Performances
NYC-New York Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club, Carolines, EastVille Comedy Club, Greenwich Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, The Comic Strip, Stand Up NY, The Stand, LoL Comedy Club, Ha Comedy Club
NY-Albany Funny Bone, Syracuse Funny Bone, Levity Live
NJ –Stress Factory, Comedy Cove, Bananas Comedy Club
Canada-Yuk Yuks Ottawa, Yuk Yuks Calgary, Comic Strip Edmonton, Yuk Yuks Toronto, Yuk Yuks Vaughn, Yuk Yuks Niagar,  Rumors Winnipeg, The Rio Theater
London-Leicester Sq Theater
Ohio-Hilaraties, Dayton Funny Bone, Toledo Funny Bone, Cleveland Improv, Columbus Funny Bone, Dayton Funny Bone, Liberty Funny Bone, Cleveland Hard Rock
California-The Comedy Store – Hollywood, The Comedy Store – La Jolla, The Punchline – San Francisco, San Jose Improv, The Ice House, Flappers Comedy Club, Mad House Comedy Club, Laugh Factory – Hollywood, Hollywood Improv, Irvine Improv
Buffalo-Helium – Buffalo
Dallas-Hyenas, Addison Improv, Backdoor Comedy Club
North Carolina-Charlotte Comedy Zone, Goodnights – Raliegh
Chicago-Laugh Factory – Chicago, The Comedy Bar, Jokes and Notes, Chicago Improv
Philadelphia-The Laff House, Helium – Philadelphia, Punchline
Oregon-Helium – Portland
Washington-Spokane Comedy Club, Tacoma Comedy Club
Long Island-Governors Comedy Club in Levittown, Mcguires, Brokerage
Connecticut-Comix at Foxwoods, Comix at Mohegan Sun, Jokers Wild, Hartford Funny Bone
Massachusetts –Laughs Boston, Nicks Comedy Stop
Rhode Island –Comedy Connection
Atlanta-Atlanta Improv
Virginia –Richmond Funny Bone, Virginia Beach Funny Bone
Tennessee-Zanies Nashville
Alabama-Stand Up Live Huntsville


  • Dan Levy – National Headliner
  • Josh Wolf – National Headliner
  • Theo Von – National Headliner
  • Chris Porter – National Headliner
  • Jon Rudnitsky – National Headliner
  • Whitney Cummings – National Headliner
  • Drew Lynch- National Headliner
  • Justin Willman – Netflix Show ( Magic for Humans )
  • Chris Mazzilli – Owner Gotham Comedy Club
  • Dave Stroupe – National Booker Funny Bone Comedy Clubs
  • Laura Kramer – National Booker Funny Bone Comedy Clubs
  • Ryan Tonkin – National Booker Yuk Yuks Comedy Club
  • Barbara Holliday – Owner Flappers Comedy Club
  • George Wallace – National Headliner
  • Ralph Harris – National Headliner
  • Steve Hofstetter – Producer Laughs on Fox – National Headliner
  • Hillary Tribbet – Producer and talent coordinator Laughs on Fox
  • Joey Vega – Chris Rock opener and writing partner
  • Andy Engel – director of new talent Gotham Comedy Club
  • Emilio Savone – Owner New York Comedy Club