Comedian Dannon Green-2 hours of Material
Clean Set-27 minutes
Dannon Green Standup
Sexual Harassment-Laugh Factory
Halloween-Laugh Factory

DANNON GREEN BIO-“I don’t want know trouble”

An extremely versatile actor/comedian/scriptwriter, Dannon Green is known for his signature stand up comedy line “I don’t want no trouble“.  He made his television debut on Apollo Comedy Hour, and is continuously making a name for himself.

Born in Manhattan, New York and raised in Philadelphia, PA.  Dannon possesses mega personality and the ability to keep you laughing.  He is a talented comedian and actor who have been in various films, television sitcoms, and national commercials.

He has graced the sets of UPN’s sitcoms “Moesha”, “Girlfriends”, and “One On One”, and has worked on the WB sitcom “All About The Anderson’s” staring Anthony Anderson and Nickelodeon’s “Just Jordan” staring Little JJ.  He has also been in the critically acclaimed series, “The Shield”, “Everybody Hates Chris” staring Chris Rock, as well as the Starz channel’s hit stand up comedy series “Martin Lawrence’s First Amendment”.  As for films, Dannon has been featured in HBO’s films Butter, Supreme Sanction, and Desert Thunder. Green was also featured in the film, Baby Boy that was distributed by Columbia Pictures and directed by John Singleton. He’s also featured in the film The Luau that stars Brian Hooks and Faizon Love. Dannon was also featured in a short film that was produce by RSA Films and USA Network called “DUCK” it was directed by Jakob Daschek, Starring Skylan Brooks.   He has also been featured on BET’s “Comic View” and TV One “The Funny Spot” hosted by Tony Rock as well as BET’s One Mic Stand with Kevin Hart.  Dannon was also featured on TV One’s “Comics Unleashed” with Dick Gregory hosted by Byron Allen.  He co-starred in the movie “Happy Hour” starring Guy Torry and Tra Ireland. He recently just finished shooting the movie “Civilian Life” with Lahmard J.Tate which was directed my Rubin Whitmore II.  Dannon who has been featured in an number of national commercials and he has also been featured in projects with Kevin Hart on BET’s hit television show “Real Husbands of Hollywood” starring Kevin Hart, and Netflix’s hit movie “Nappily Ever After” starring Sanna Lathan.   Dannon currently has his first film project that he directed and produced a documentary called “The Executioners” a story about a boxing gym out of Philadelphia, PA now being streamed on Tubi Tv and Amazon Prime.


Film Credits:

BABY BOY                                         Co-Star                         Dir. John Singleton/ Columbia
BEHIND THE SMILE                           Co-Star                         Dir. Damon Wayans/Amara Films
BUTTER                                              Co-Star                         Dir. Peter Bunche/ HBO/ Live Ent.
DESERT THUNDER                            Co-Star                         Dir. Jim Wynorski/HBO/Cinetel Films
DUCK                                                  Co-Star                         Dir. Jakob Daschek/RSA Films
VAMPIRE IN VEGAS                          Co-Star                         Dir. Jim Wynorski/ Nu-Image Films
FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY              Co-Star                         Dir. Pierre Edwards/Urban World Films
HIRED GUN                                           Co-Star                          Dir. Brad Jurjens/ Tavix Pictures
L.A. SuperHeroes                                 Co-Star                         Dir. Yelena Popovic
MATCHUPS                                        Co-Star                         Dir. Donahue Tuitt/ Maverick Ent.
SUPREME SANCTION                        Co-Star                         Dir. John Terlesky/ HBO/ Cinetel Films
THE LUAU                                          Co-Star                         Dir. Barry Bowles/ B-LUV Productions
WITH OR WITH OUT YOU                 Co-Star                         Dir. G. Stubbs/ The Fellas Productions
A NIGHT IN COMPTON                     Co-Star                         Dir. Daven Baptiste/ Unyon Media Group
ALL OR NOTHING                             Co-star                         Dir. Adisa Jones/Underground Prod.

Television Credits:

SIGNIFICANT OTHERS                      Recurring                     P. Peter Tortorici/ BRAVO NETWORK
REAL HUSBANDS                              Guest Star                     Dir. Chris Spencer/BET
THE SHIELD                                       Guest Star                     P. Shawn Ryan/ FX NETWORK/
THE 70’S                                             Guest Star                     P. James Chory/ NBC NETWORK/DINOVI
DOMESTIC DOUG                             Guest Star                     P. Larry Kaster/ RUSH HOUR PROD.
COMICS UNLEASHED                       Guest Comic                  P. Byron Allen/ TV ONE/ ENT. STUDIOS
KEENAN IVORY WAYANS                  Guest Comic                 P. Keenan I Wayans/ FOX/ BUENA VISTA TV
1ST AMENDMENT                             Guest Comic                 P. Martin Lawrence/ STARZ
THE FUNNY SPOT                              Guest Comic                 P. Jamie R. Balthazar/ TV ONE/ RUBY RED
COMIC VIEW                                      Guest Comic                 BET/ NATIONWIDE
AUDIENCE WARM-UP                                                              UPN NETWORK/ GIRLFRIENDS
AUDIENCE WARM-UP                                                              UPN NETWORK/ MOESHA
AUDIENCE WARM-UP                                                              WB NETWORK/ THE ANDERSON
AUDIENCE WARM-UP                                                              NICKELODEON/ JUST JORDAN

SPECIAL SKILLS: Two-Time Golden Gloves Champ, Standup Comic, Skilled Golfer 10 Handicap, Track/Field, College Basketball, Swimming, Volleyball, Racquetball. VOCALS Jazz, Blues and Rap TRAINING: BA & MA-Computers Technology-Graphics Peter Henry-Acting, Bill Dukes’ Actor Bootcamp.