Comedian Aurelio Bocanegra
Aurelio Bocanegra -80s Movies (12:30 minute clip)
Aurelio Bocanegra-How to beat a Traffic Ticket (5:30 minute clip)

Aurelio Bocanegra-Build-A-Bear (2:30 minute clip
Aurelio Bocanegra Jean-Claude Van Damme & The Splits Stand Up Comedy (4:30 minute clip)

Aurelio Bocanegra Bio:
Aurelio Miguel Bocanegra was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Ever since this US Air Force Veteran with the BIG name decided to pick up the microphone, he has seemed destined to provide even bigger laughs. Aurelio has performed at clubs & colleges all across the country, for Fortune 500 company’s, in Canada, all over Europe on tour performing for the US Military and he’s even “tail hooked” onto the USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier to perform for the US Navy!

Aurelio has opened and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Comedy! He is one of the stars of the Cholo Comedy Slam DVD Special, he was featured in a segment on the Latination TV show and was a Guest Star on the TV Show “Bones” on Fox.

Once on stage Aurelio captivates the audience with his stories of being a hardworking fiancé, a fumbling step dad, a proud Veteran and a fan for 80’s cinema. Aurelio’s talents for entertaining are undeniable. His comedic style is magnetic and his comedy continues to captivate audiences in one way. They want more! Once you have seen Aurelio Miguel Bocanegra, you will see why he is one the funniest entertainers around and why he will have you wanting more too…